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Segway Tours of Grand Rapids

Welcome to Segway Tours of Grand Rapids


See and feel the excitement of downtown Grand Rapids up close and personal with your very own guided Segway tour rental.


Segway Tours of Grand Rapids has a total of 8 very user friendly Segways available for these guided tours. One person per Segway.


Our tour rentals are sold in 30 minute increments.


All tour rental packages will include free user instructions and safety precautions before your departure, plus you will be accompanied by an experienced Tour Guide at all times.


See the sites of our beautiful downtown Grand Rapids area including; The Art Museum, Gerald R. Ford Museum, Grand Rapids Public Museum, The Children’s Museum, The Calder Sculpture, 6th Street Dam, and The Fish Ladder.


Segway tours are perfect for trade show outings and special occasions such as the Art Prize Competition.


Enjoy all that Grand Rapids has to offer, the unique shops, coffee bars, and restaurants as your guided tour takes you through many of our great tourist attractions that help make Grand Rapids a wonderful place to live, work, visit, and play.


Rentals are by appointment only.


We are open 7 days a week and will accept appointments for any time of day as long as it’s not to dark, rainy, or other conditions that may be deemed unsafe for Segway travel.


We have tour travel locations already pre-planned in advance; however, we can go where ever the customer requests if you are familiar with the city and have a certain location you would like to include on your tour.


With a Segway tour, it’s more about the enjoyment of the ride than the city.


Segway Tours of Grand Rapids Rental Rates:



30 Minutes $50.00 per person

60 Minutes $75.00 per person

90 Minutes $100.00 per person




The safety of our clients, the tour guide, and the safety of the general public is our main concern at all times. Should the Tour Guide deem the conditions to be unsafe, hazardous, or that the tour riders are driving or acting in an unsafe manner, the Tour Guide will immediately halt the tour. If the tour was halted due to unsafe or hazardous conditions, your remaining time will be credited to another tour.  If the tour was halted due to clients unsafe or reckless use, driving or behavior, the remaining time left on your tour will be forfeited. All decisions are at the discretion of the Tour Guide, and their decision is final.